The Past Lives Podcast Ep212 – Sandra Champlain

This week I’m talking to Sandra Champlain about her new documentary ‘Rinaldi – Instrumental Transcommunication to the Other Side’.

In her laboratory in Brazil, Sonia Rinaldi was making “phone calls” to the deceased. Grieving parents would call her and she would have her ear on one receiver and let those in the afterlife use the other receiver. In the background, she would play audios containing sounds of broken-up human voices to record the “electronic voice phenomenon” or EVPs. Parents were encouraged to talk with their children and Sonia recorded their voices on her computer. When replaying the recording, their children’s voices would be heard in conversation with the parents. This has been a labor of love for Sonia and she has never charged a penny for her work. Sonia Rinaldi’s experiments continue to evolve. To many people’s happy surprise, she has reunited them with their deceased loved ones, not only through voices but some with highly detailed images. This remains a labor of love for her – to prove the existence and give hope and comfort to the grieving. Sonia believes that someday this method of communication also known as “instrumental trans-communication” with the other side could become mainstream knowledge.

Sandra is the author of the #1 international best-selling book, ‘We Don’t Die – A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death’, is host of ‘We Don’t Die Radio’ and ‘Shades of the Afterlife’ with well over 400 combined hours of afterlife evidence. Sandra hosts online conferences, workshops and medium demonstrations, and is passionate about sharing the truth about the afterlife, easing the pain of grief, and helping all live powerful lives.

For over 20 years, I have been exploring the truth about life, death, grief, and what might lie beyond. My deepest desire now is to empower you with the information I have gleaned, and to give you tools and resources to help you find the path back to your own aliveness. I want to share with you what I’ve learned about the reality of life after death, and that — I’m convinced — there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ve been a skeptic all my life. But a persistent fear of death and dying led me to research what I don’t know that might alleviate my pain. What I discovered, studied, tested and confirmed through those years has brought me so much purpose, understanding and peace that I now want to share it with everyone else affected by death and dying.
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