The Past Lives Podcast Ep24 – Alan Hugenot

This week I talk to Dr. Alan Hugenot. We talk about his Near Death Experience and his book The Death Experience: What it is like when you die.

His book describes what you will experience as you die. Giving details of the death process and your journey into the afterlife based on the author’s own Near-Death experience where he died, went out-of-body into the afterlife, and returned to a second life in the same body. His experiences are collated with the Tibetan Book of the Dead; the Egyptian Book of the Dead; and current research on the Near Death-experience by the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS); Dr. Ian Stevensens’s research on Children who Remember Past Lives at the University of Virginia; and studies of After-Death Communication at the University of Arizona. Giving the current science on consciousness survival while explaining quantum mathematics and the afterlife postulated to exist in dark energy located in alternative dimensions.

Dr. Alan Hugenot made a life study of the scientific basis for the afterlife. An NDE survivor and a physicist, he has the knowledge, experience, and research data necessary to provide insight on these questions. Since publication of his book in 2012 he speaks several times each month before local groups, and at several national conventions on consciousness organizations.

His website is