The Past Lives Podcast Ep58 – Dianne Seaman

This week I am talking to Dianne Seaman about Astrology, reincarnation and quantum physics. We go over my astrological chart and Dianne explains the links she sees between these three areas.

As one of the first to be certified as a Past Life Therapist by the IBRT, Dianne has led clients into this particular unconscious terrain for over thirty years. Dianne has presented workshops at Past Life Therapy [APRT, IARRT] conferences starting in 1986. She has also given lectures and day long workshops in Past Life Therapy to Jungian Psychology groups around the country, such as The Jung Society of Atlanta, The Round Table Associates in Philadelphia and the Central Indiana Friends of Jung in Indianapolis, as well as Columbia University in NYC. She recently assisted Carol Bowman in 3-day training programs in Regression Therapy for psychologists, supervising student regressions.

Dianne considers Regression Therapy a powerful healing modality. While there are no quick fixes, this therapy works on a deep energetic level beyond what talk therapy alone can reach. It has the potential to yank out the “weeds” / undesirable patterns in our unconscious, our lives/ by the roots. Once the roots of a pattern have been addressed, those “weeds”/ patterns do not grow back.

In her work with clients, whether using Regression Therapy, Psychological Astrology or Voice Dialogue, Dianne emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge. Encouraging people to trust their own experiences and assisting them to awaken to deeper truths within themselves, Dianne draws first from inner experiential knowledge, then balances and validates that from outer sources. Through this process Dianne has come to accurately trust her own intuitive knowledge and to serve as a catalyst for others to do the same.