The Past Lives Podcast Ep78 – Claire Broad

In this episode of The Past Lives Podcast I talk to the medium Claire Broad about her new book ‘What The Dead Are Dying To Teach Us: Lessons Learned from the Afterlife’.

As a young child, Claire experienced psychic phenomena, as she grew older her experiences and the communications she received became stronger, resulting in Spirit teachers making their presence known and guiding her. Naturally analytical and now an adult, Claire was forced to question the validity of her experiences against the common academic opinion surrounding survival after physical death and embarked upon a life long quest for the truth. In her refreshingly down to earth, honest and open manner, Claire shares personal stories to bring comfort and hope to many whilst highlighting findings from consciousness studies that challenge our understanding of the world and encourage us to consider our true nature and full potential. Claire teaches us why we may have confidence there is life after death, how we can heal and awaken spiritually through the therapeutic practice of mediumship and most importantly what we can learn from those already on the other side in order to make the most of this life whilst we are here.

By the end of this compelling book, readers will have an understanding that we all have a natural connection to the spirit world and will have gained tips and tools to deepen this connection; that death is an illusion; that our loved ones can visit us after their passing and that we can learn to recognise the signs; that genuine mediumship is a therapeutic practice and why visiting a medium is nothing to be feared; that spirit guides gently support us all; that it is natural for a child to display psychic ability and what you can do to support a child that does; that there is scientific research to support the validity of mediumship and psychic ability and that it is possible to seek evidence for survival as well as keeping faith.

At the age of four, whilst visiting the cemetary where her Grandfather was laid to rest, Claire Broad encountered the spirit of her grandfather and delivered a message from him to her mother and grandmother, stunning them both. The experience would mould her outlook on life and her ideas about the nature of reality forever. In Claire’s adult years, she would go on to explore afterlife communication directly and share her message of hope and life after death, to many thousands of people across the world.

Described as ‘the honest medium’ in the media and by Sunday Times best selling afterlife author, Theresa Cheung, Claire Broad ISM/RAM is a highly popular spiritual medium, teacher and author, with a passion to share the experiences that lead her to hold an inner knowing that the afterlife is real. Her warm, down to earth and compassionate manner puts clients at ease, whilst her integrity and no nonsense approach attracts many to both her private practice and her public demonstrations. Claire is known for her spiritual wisdom and teachings too and holds training events and public talks regualrly in the hope of inspiring others to live their best life and to learn for themselves about their eternal nature. Claire has addressed sold out theatre audiences and works closely with thought leaders and researchers in her field. She has also been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mirror and The Express.