The Past Lives Podcast EP89 – Kemila Zsange

This week I talk to Kemila Zsange about her book ‘Past Life Regression: A Manual for Hypnotherapists to Conduct Effective Past Life Regressions’.

Past-life regression can provide valuable clues as to why a person acts and behaves in certain ways in this present lifetime. A past-life regression can often provide information as to what the person’s purpose in this life is. It can explain the reasons behind difficulties and problems he or she has in this life and clue one in to what karma needs to be repaid. When people know why they act and react in certain ways they gain much more control over their lives.

A Complete Guidebook on Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. Past Life Regression can be recreational for some people, a way to satisfy their curiosity. For others this modality has tremendous therapeutic value. Mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical healing can take place in a past life regression session. This book introduces many tech- niques, and covers them in detail, for how to conduct an effective Past Life Regression session. Kemila shares a lot of her case work as examples.
This book is suitable for hypnosis professionals and interested members of the general public. It is full of scripts and reveals detailed step-by-step methods.