The Past Lives Podcast Ep92 – Gary Wimmer

This week I am talking to Gary Wimmer about his book ‘A Second in Eternity: A ‘Near-Death, Out of Body’ Experience and a Voyage Beyond Time and Space, Into the Infinite (Volume 1)’.

A Second in Eternity is the true story about the author’s ‘near-death, out-of-body’ experience and everything that led up to it. For no apparent reason, the author suddenly found himself increasingly more aware of and able to ‘see and know’ future events, plus the thoughts and feelings of others, at will and with uncanny clarity. But what started as a trickle, within days became a tsunami of unexplainable precognitive and psychic ability. Unable to stop, filter or understand what he was experiencing, he channeled this phenomenon into accurately forecasting numerous events minutes before they occurred. Friends and family were naturally stunned, as well as concerned for his well being, yet no one could deny what was happening. During a week of vacillating between indescribable euphoria and debilitating fear, he felt the intensity of his perceptions escalating until, as a pedestrian, he was hit head-on by a speeding car.

The author then describes how he instantly left his body, experienced ecstasy beyond description (for what seemed like an eternity), then returned to his body unharmed–but as a changed person. Police, paramedics, doctors, friends and relatives were baffled that he wasn’t even hurt, while the author was elated by what he experienced and the real treasures he brought back: Knowledge about the powers of the mind, soul and spirit, and the awareness that such voyages to the Source or the Mind of God and back are indeed possible. Full of mystery, wit and spiritual insights, A Second in Eternity is a fast moving and thought provoking story that leads the reader through the realities possible when the wall that separates our conscious and subconscious minds dissipates to reveal the Unity that underlies all things.