The Past Lives Podcast Ep97 – Elizabeth Bodien

This week I am talking to Elizabeth Bodien about her book ‘Journeys with Fortune: A Tale of Other Lives’.

We discuss her powerful past life regressions, her automatic writing and her NDE.

Trained in cultural anthropology, Elizabeth Bodien was at first skeptical that past lives even existed, much less that exploring them could heal present-life troubles. However, the first time she was professionally regressed, she immediately experienced a clear and complete life as Rita, a Mexican woman in the 1700s. There was a deeply emotional resonance there and Bodien began to feel she could very well have been Rita of 18th-century rural Mexico, as well as any number of other people.

In Journeys with Fortune: A Tale of Other Lives, Bodien chronicles nine of the most fascinating and relevant of her past lives, including lives as an abandoned child raised in a nunnery in Helvetia, a male sandal-maker in Ancient Greece, a German calligrapher who speaks with the dead,  an Atlantean priestess-in-training, and even a future life.

These experiences are presented with the author’s careful attention at each stage: resistance, fascination, doubt, and renewed openness. And she might not have been able to continue if it weren’t for her spirit guide, Fortune,  a mysterious stone spirit who guided her progress and led her to  become a writer of the “mysteries of life.” 

For interested readers, Cosmographia Books has posted the complete first chapter of Journeys with Fortune on their website:

Elizabeth Bodien is the author of two books of poetry: Blood, Metal, Fiber, Rock and Oblique Music: A Book of Hours. Her poems, essays, and book reviews have appeared in Cimarron Review, Crannóg, and Parabola, among many other publications. Bodien holds degrees in cultural anthropology, consciousness studies, religions, and poetry. She grew up in the “burned- over” district of Western New York but now lives near Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania.

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