The Past Lives Podcast Ep124 – Steve Burgess

This week I am talking to Steve Burgess about his book ‘The Power of Past Life Regression’.
Welcome to the exciting world of past life regression! Hypnotherapist Steve Burgess has conducted many thousands of past life regression sessions and this book details some of the incredible healings his clients have experienced as a result of past life therapy. Each of the client’s stories is vividly re-told using the words that they spoke whilst in trance in their regression sessions. They paint exciting pictures and describe in detail the events that took place in the past lives, often giving a fascinating insight into life in former times. If you’re interested in spiritual issues or in learning more about reincarnation and how our previous lives affect our present life, you’ll be fascinated to read the journeys of Steve’s clients as they release the traumas of their past lifetimes and achieve wholeness in this life.
Steve Burgess is one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists and past life regression specialists. He has completed many thousands of past life regression sessions, helping his clients with a wide range of issues, including phobias and anxieties, depression, lack of confidence, weight issues, addictions, physical illness, sexual problems and performance anxiety. Most of his work involves using hypnosis to regress people back to the emotional root causes of their problems, often back into previous lifetimes. His YouTube channel ‘Hypno4all’ features free hypnotherapy recordings.

One thought on “The Past Lives Podcast Ep124 – Steve Burgess

  • Annie Bishop

    Absolutely loved this interview with Stephen Burgess. Simon once again did a great job interviewing him. I found it so interesting so I have now gone and ordered his book.
    Thanks Simon for bringing all these wonderful people into our lives.

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