The Past Lives Podcast Ep147 – Kirsty Salisbury

This week I am talking to Kirsty Salisbury about her Near Death Experience and her podcast ‘Let’s Talk Near Death’.

Kisrty had a near death experience when she was 12 years old. Her podcast is an outstanding series of interviews with people who have an NDE and is essential listening.


Kirsty Salisbury is driven by a passion to live her best life and to help others. A strong believer that we can all ‘design’ our future regardless of our circumstances. She’s a dynamic speaker, a coach, and the host of the Let’s Talk Life Design podcast.

Kirsty’s passion comes from her own traumatic life event when just 3 weeks after her 12th birthday, she was left paralysed on her left side due to a rare brain malformation. It turned her world (and the world of her family) up side down. And there started what she calls ‘her second life’, one in which she aims to live consciously, filled with purpose and gratitude. Even at such a young age, Kirsty made the decision that this major life event would never define or limit her and she would in fact ‘thrive’.

In the first few years following her illness, Kirsty dedicated everything to her recovery. She learned how to walk again, how to move her arm, then how to skip, then jump, and now the sky is the limit. Whilst every single day she is reminded of her journey, she is truly grateful for her experience, and continues to use the lessons she has learnt to push life’s boundaries.

Kirsty’s powerful personal story of overcoming trauma
has become an inspiration to many.
Today she speaks internationally about freedom, purpose and practical how to steps to create your best life. She believes that whilst hardship can be extremely painful and difficult, it can also be a ‘a gift’ and something to help us take our life to the next level.

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