The Past Lives Podcast Ep160 – Ginette Biro

This week I am talking to Ginette Biro about her book ‘Avalon to Aurora | Lessons From The Other Side To Guide Your Life On Earth: A Medium’s Near-Death Experience’.

What can the afterlife teach us? Ginette Biro has traveled to the other side and back through a near-death experience, and she has a powerful story to tell. As a gifted medium and cosmic channeler, Ginette brings a unique perspective to this rare experience. In her first book, she shares the journey of awakening to her gifts, the challenges leading up to her crossing over, and the choice she had to stay or return.

“Avalon to Aurora: Lessons From The Other Side To Guide Your Life On Earth” will inspire you to expand your consciousness through a glimpse into the magic that is waiting beyond the veil. Ginette shares the lessons divinely imparted to her that will help you live a life full of joy, love and purpose here on earth.

About The Author: Ginette Biro is claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Every day she sees things we don’t see, hears things we don’t hear, and feels things we don’t feel. She is a bridge between worlds – our world and the expanse beyond what we can see or know with our five senses. Ginette’s connection to dimensions far beyond the one we inhabit has continued to expand following her near-death experience (NDE). She is destined to become an impactful conduit and guide for spiritual growth on our planet.

Ginette Biro
Chief Spirit Officer, Avalon Spirit Inc. Cosmic Channeler, Spiritual Medium, Educator, Author and Motivational Speaker.
The world is going through a consciousness shift. People are looking for greater meaning and purpose in their lives. Ginette brings access to other dimensions to create a richer, deeper journey for people on earth. Ginette Biro is a world class spiritual medium, channeling beings from the 4th to 12th dimensions. She connects people to the other side and brings messages to inspire and inform our world. She is clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant – she can hear, see, feel, and know – information and communication from spirit and other dimensions. Ginette has many spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters who are guiding her to support the planet in its ascension.

In addition to these remarkable gifts, Ginette has spent soul time on the other side through a near-death experience that allowed her to see and understand how our life blueprint and soul’s journey works. She has crossed over and back and has unique insight to guide others on their life path. She is one of the rare people that is both a spiritual medium and has had a near-death experience. She is dedicated to using that knowledge and her gifts to support people on their journey. Prior to a career using her spiritual gifts, Ginette pursued science, receiving a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Diploma of Sports Medicine, and practiced as a kinesiologist. She is also a talented singer and musician. She was an international performer for the Canadian Armed forces traveling to Afghanistan, Europe, North Pole, and the United Arab Emirates and received the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the BC Country Music Awards for her work. She is married, a mother of two, plus a new puppy and lives in Vancouver, Canada. She brings these many human dimensions to her spiritual insight and work. Ginette’s recently published book, Avalon to Aurora, details her near-death experience and the lessons divinely imparted to her to help the reader live a life full of joy, love, and purpose on earth. She shares her divine messages weekly on the Ginette Biro podcast and through group sessions and private readings in her
company Avalon Spirit Inc.

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  • Saskiia Grace

    This interview has made it into my top 10. Ginette is inspirational in her holistic perspective and experiences of eternity. Thanks Simon

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