The Past Lives Podcast Ep162 – Tamara Caulder Richardson

This week I am talking to Tamara Caulder Richardson.

Tamara has had six Near-Death Experiences and is a Multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiencer, Christ Channeler, Christian Minister, Mystic Seer, and an International Evidential Medium.

Tamara was born in Hickory, North Carolina. She was born with the gift of “knowing.” Tamara believes that her six NDEs have enhanced her ability to see into hidden realms. To master her supernatural gifts, Tamara trained for eight years in the British Style of Evidential Mediumship with International mediums and authors. She is a mental and physical medium, offering evidential healing messages. She is also a trance medium and channels Christ regularly, and other ascended masters. Tamara currently does medium stage shows for USA women’s expos, like the Southern Women’s Shows, before large audiences at city convention centers.

She is also President of IANDS Charlotte, ISGO facilitator, and on the Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI) Advisory Board, and afterlife speaker for both. In 2018, Tamara taught at the Edgar Cayce Center’s Psychic Conference, a day of Evidential Mediumship. As a multiple near-death and spiritual transformative experiencer, evidential medium, and spiritual teacher – Tamara understands the transition from life-to-death. We ARE a spirit, and we ARE the Soul that lives a life in a body and then moves on to more teaching on the other side. Tamara is directed by God and Christ for her mission here on earth. She is also an ordained Christian minister and a devoted follower of Christ.

These days Tamara is busy producing quality episodes and being the host of her spiritual talk show on her YouTube Channel, “Seeking Heaven: The Near-Death Experience and Other Phenomena,”

One thought on “The Past Lives Podcast Ep162 – Tamara Caulder Richardson

  • Kris Rose

    I enjoyed this episode. I like episodes that help me rethink and revise my knowledge of Jesus. Of course, I was taught certain things from the church but I find those with near death experiences involving the figure of Jesus more helpful these days than the church has been over the years.

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