The Past Lives Podcast Ep164 – Rhys Winn Davies

This week I am talking to Rhys Winn Davies about his book ‘How to Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy Steps’.

How to Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy Steps
What if you could control your mind, and by doing so communciate with the dead, your loved ones, our guides and the source you know you will one day return to? What if all of a sudden you were able to talk to your mum, dad or other family members or friends you thought you had lost? What if, by being able to do this, you could tap into your true potential and live a life of purpose? This is the potential of psychic mediumship. I didn’t know I could talk to the dead. I had to learn how to talk to the dead. To simplify it, some of your thoughts are not yours. They are the thoughts of your loved ones or others in spirit and with this book and a lot of practice, you will learn How to Talk to the Dead.

Born with Celtic ancestry Rhys Wynn Davies is an Australian professional Psychic Medium who inspires, demonstrates and teaches people about psychic mediumship and spiritualism. Rhys provides personal, group and platform readings to large audiences throughout Australia and works internationally in over 12 other countries.
Next to his Spiritual work Rhys also has three degrees as an environmental scientist, with a specialization in Environmental Restoration. Over the past 20 years, his business planted over 8.5 million trees in Australia. Focusing now on his spiritual path, his love for the forests has allowed him to remain grounded and focused as a Medium. To this day he continues to plant a tree for every reading he does.

One thought on “The Past Lives Podcast Ep164 – Rhys Winn Davies

  • Thanks again for having me on your Podcast Simon. I wanted to mention for some of the listeners in this podcast with your question in terms of how much time is needed to master the 10 steps . To add to my response further “Some” people may progress faster in following the 10 steps in my book on How To Talk To The Dead than others because of the environmental factors they have been exposed to growing up or in their life. They may come from families who are mediums already, and this mindset was accepted or part of everyday life, they might have lots of experience in mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, have experience in other mind related disciplines or other well being practises, where there has been some kind of long term exposure to building or improving the clairsenses, mindfulness and other life experiences to be used in different ways. Some or a combination of these environmental factors can also help people’s progression in learning mediumship to advance or develop quicker than others in this 10 Step process to learning How To Talk To The Dead. For example: I spent 20 years in a dangerous profession in the forests in Australia working with dangerous terrain, animals, snakes, insects etc that could harm or hurt me and because I had to use my all my clair senses daily to keep safe and alive. I had no idea later that this would help me to develop my clairsenses to be more highly functioning than normal for mediumship later in my life which I was unaware of at the time. So with this, I do feel this helped me to advance quicker than some others in my own mediumship over a shorter period of time. So depending on the individual’s life experiences and exposures to such, this would also have some influence on the time needed to learn and master How To Talk to the Dead in 10 Easy Steps. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this or others peoples comments or experiences with this. Regards Rhys

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