The Past Lives Podcast Ep44 – Jim Bruton

Jim Bruton is my guest this week on The Past Lives Podcast. Jim is an Emmy award winning journalist and in this episode we talk about his about his Near Death Experience.

From Jim’s website;

Generally, people who have had NDEs aren’t trying to “sell” anything, other than perhaps a seminar, book or DVD. We don’t try to sell a new religion, because we left all that behind. However, spirituality plays a pretty strong role in the experiences we share. One of the strangest things I’ve noticed is that for those of us who had our NDEs as a result of some horrific accident, while in most cases the accident and its crazy circumstances would be the focus of any compelling story, an NDE negates that.

Once an NDE enters the picture, you almost forget about the accident- it becomes the least important part of the story, next to the NDE. My accident was amazing as accidents go, and I have an NDE friend who is only one of a handful in the world that she knows of who suffered and survived an internal decapitation. But to NDE’ers, the circumstances that nearly, or do, kill us are just a footnote. I’m sure that must be surprising, in some way.

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