The Past Lives Podcast Ep69 – Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

This week my guest is Sharon Hewitt Rawlette. We talk about possible sources for coincidences such as spirit guides, God, deceased loved ones and what they mean. We go through many different areas and it’s a fascinating conversation.

This all comes from her new book The Source and Significance of Coincidences: A Hard Look at the Astonishing Evidence.

Every now and then, we all have experiences that seem too meaningful to be chance but that we can’t explain in any normal way. Now, philosopher Sharon Hewitt Rawlette tackles some of the hardest questions surrounding such coincidences, also known as “synchronicities”:

How can we calculate whether a synchronicity is too improbable to be just chance?
What hard evidence is there that these events convey genuine messages from God or our deceased loved ones?
Do ordinary people have the psychic ability to create coincidences, for themselves or others?
Why do coincidences sometimes harm or deceive?

Rawlette brings together an immense body of research (drawn from science, statistics, near-death experiences, deathbed visions, and many other extraordinary human experiences) that clearly points to a meaningful reality beyond the bounds of current science and at the same time demonstrates both the promise and peril of interpreting synchronicities as signs from above. Rigorously paradigm-shattering, this volume will leave skeptics and believers alike ruminating for years to come.

Sharon is an analytically trained philosopher (PhD from New York University, 2008) who specializes in metaethics and the metaphysics and epistemology of paranormal experiences. My most recent scholarly publication is on the topic of the statistical significance of psychic coincidences and their implications for belief in psychic causation. Her past publications include The Feeling of Value (2016), a defense of analytic descriptivism in ethics, and “What do our intuitions about the experience machine really tell us about hedonism?” (2010).


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