The Past Lives Podcast – NDE Episode

In the NDE episodes I look at different aspects of the Near Death Experience. In the course of producing the podcast episodes I have talked to many people that have either had a Near Death Experience or research them. What I have done here is take clips from those episodes to see what they have to say about these different aspects.

In this episode I am going to look at the aspects perception and the spiritual realm. What was their perception like after they left their bodies? What was their perception like when they had further into the experience? These different descriptions from the people who have had NDEs are fascinating and give us an idea of what it is like to leave the body.

Part two of the episode looks at the spiritual realm the experiencers found themselves in. What is interesting here is how everyone that describes the experience describes something different.

People featured in this episode include Dr Penny Sartori, Howard Storm, Dr Eben Alexander, Leslie Kean and Natalie Sudman.

The first NDE episode was uploaded to Patreon for patrons to access. If you want access to that episode and the bonus episodes click the link below.

One thought on “The Past Lives Podcast – NDE Episode

  • Amy

    Really loving this format. Gleaning a theme from many episodes is a lot of work, and it is worth it for this girl. Thank you for this second NDE special and I look forward to more.

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